Cheesewich Factory brings 1oz mozzarella string cheese to the grab-n-go market. Each carton packed with 24oz’s of deliciousness. Made with Wisconsin’s no growth hormone dairy farms.Carton of Opened 1 oz Cheesewich regular flavor cheese sticks. Nice cutting board with string cheese piles woth apple, cucumber very healthy and appetizing looking.

Smoked Mozzarella String Cheese

Same delicious flavor as our regular string just but just the right hint of smokiness added for a slightly bolder taste. Keep your fridge stocked with ready to eat healthy and satisfying smoked mozzarella string cheese. With 0% carbs and 7 grams of protein you will instantly feel charged without any high spikes of sugar adrenaline. Our string cheese is made with local milk from a Wisconsin farmer-owned cooperative. The cows have no artificial growth hormones.*

*No significant difference has been shown between milk from cows treated and treated with rSBT growth hormones.

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Ready to eat, vacuum packed. 1 oz of pure deliciousness!
7g of Protein | 0% Carbs | 0% Sugar | Gluten-Free

Available in 16 and 24 count caddies.

smoked string cheese ingredients and nutrition information. 1 oz 80 calories gluten free