Sarah Nesci Receives Women Of Influence In Food Industry Award

Sarah Nesci Receives Women Of Influence In Food Industry Award

The Shelby Report has announced 30 honorees for the Midwest division for the 2022 Women Of Influence In The Food Industry. We are proud to announce and share Sarah’s article and award!

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Sarah Nesci | Cheesewich™ Factory | VP | Years with the company: 15

The Cheesewich Factory is a family-owned and-operated business. The most rewarding part of my job is working with my father and brother every day. My father invented the Cheesewich™ 16 years ago. We’ve been making them for the past six years. I love manufacturing a great tasting grab-and-go product that everyone loves to eat.

The most challenging part of my job is balancing it all. With being involved in every department – from our SQF program, sales, customer service, trade shows to accounting – prioritizing my time and making sure everything gets done is important. Any missed call gets a phone call back and every email gets answered.

My father is my greatest mentor – the old school way. Answer a phone when it rings. He’s the first one here in the morning and last one to leave. His key words every day are to treat people how you want to be treated and attitudes are contagious…is your’s worth catching?

A defining moment for me is when our company made the first million Cheesewich sandwiches, I knew we were onto something. Then it grew to three million, then five million and now last year we made 10 million Cheesewich sold all throughout the country.

My best advice to give to up-and-coming professionals is to work your butt off every day. There’s always someone else out there more hungry, who’s willing to put in the work.