Humble Beginnings

Tony Migacz Sr, founder of Cheesewich™ was born a natural entrepreneur and a good one at that! 35 years ago Tony founded Registry Seafood and Steaks for door to door delivery of vacuum packed frozen meats. While adding a peeled and deveined line of shrimp and 6 pack seafood combos for home delivery he fostered his idea for Cheesewich. It was while enjoying a rare relaxing fishing day in the woebegone days of 1995 that this entrepreneur reached into his cooler for his salami and cheese sandwich, ugh, it was a soggy mess! However, the cheese and salami still looked tempting, maybe it was just the hot sun and a slow biting day? But low-and-behold the idea of a cheese & salami sandwich without the bread was born!

After searching for 10 years to find a packer to make these delicious gems, without prevail, he decided to produce them himself. He trademarked Cheesewich™ then it took another 8 years to find the best quality cheese, salami, and film packaging process.

Cheesewich™ launched their first 3 original flavors in 2013. The concept was so simple and delicious, they took 2 slices of Wisconsins’ Cheddar, Colby Jack or Pepper Jack classics and sandwiched them over 1 slice of premium salami. Just a few short months after the first launch Provolone was added to the original line up and they have not slowed down since!

Within the last 5 years The Cheesewich Factory has added 6 additional Cheesewich flavors and have created completely new keto, gluten-free, and high-protein award winning products such as Double Play and Baconwich. Our first heat and serve product, Breakfast Taco, has taken off like hot cakes, no pun intended! While not gluten free it boasts 18g of protein and has only 270 calories. Scrambled eggs, Colby Jack cheese, 3 slices of uncured turkey bacon, and a flour tortilla make up our hearty Breakfast Taco, a satisfying and delicious grab ‘n go meal!

Cheesewich protein and cheese products have always been cold crafted from their inception. So do not settle for the knock-offs when you can have Cheesewich™ the original “Wich” without the “Sand”!

Call Cheesewich™ today to start stocking your stores with America’s fastest growing keto friendly Grab ‘N Go Snacks.

We’ve come a long way baby!


4 labels from 2000 to 2019, old to new
We’ve come a long way baby!

The Next Generation of Go Getters!

As Tony always says…”You gotta buy 7 Cheesewich at a time for my 7 grandchildren!”