Food Safety

Food safety and quality are our top priorities at Cheesewich Factory. Our leadership and management teams are committed to providing all resources necessary to ensure the production of safe, high-protein, gluten free, keto and delicious grab-n-go food products for our valued customers around the world.

A list of our quality control processes and industry certifications follows:

  • USDA Inspected – Every product manufactured by Cheesewich Factory meets all USDA regulatory requirements.
  • SQF Certified – Our SQF certification confirms that Cheesewich Factory provides a rigorous system to manage food safety risks and provide safe products in compliance with the highest industry standards.
  • HACCP Standard – Cheesewich Factory adheres to a HACCP-based system that complies with all consumer and regulatory agencies.
  • Internal Auditing – Ongoing daily, weekly and monthly team audits are performed throughout our facilities to improve our organization’s efficiency and guarantee our product quality.
  • Annual Training – Cheesewich Factory is committed to annual education and training programs for all employees to maintain our focus on evolving food safety and quality standards.
  • Supplier Monitoring – Our team conducts comprehensive supplier assessments focused on quality, delivery/logistics, cost management and innovation annually.
  • Traceability – Every product and ingredient entering our facility is marked with a serialized code to ensure efficient, accurate tracking.
  • Allergen – We inspect all incoming ingredients upon receipt to identify allergens. Allergen ingredients are immediately identified and segregated from non-allergen ingredients.
  • SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure) – Our stringent sanitation procedures ensure that our environment and equipment are maintained to audit-level standards every day.
  • QAP (Quality Assurance Procedures) – Our extensive policies and programs ensure that all regulatory procedures are constantly maintained to guarantee the quality and safety of each Cheesewich Factory product.
  • Storage – Production, freezer and cooler temperatures are monitored daily by our QA Department to ensure set limits are maintained.
  • Sustainability – Cheesewich Factory is dedicated to minimizing our carbon footprint. We strive to have limited energy consumption and re-purpose all food and packaging. We recycle whenever possible and source materials from eco-friendly suppliers. We believe that our conscientious approach to all product development ensures environmental health for planet earth all future generations.
USDA, SQF and HACCP logos in one color. Image to substantiate food safety initiatives taken by Cheesewich factory.

Cheesewich™ Factory is registered as meeting the requirements of the
SQF Code Edition 9
Food Safety Code for Food Manufacturing on August 15th, 2022