New shelf stable hickory smoked beef sticks. Original flavor. Another delicious keto, gluten free, and Halal certified product by Cheesewich™ Factory.Beef Sticks Original Flavor in open retail ready display and display sealed with dimensions.All 3 flavors of beef stick in packages. Original, Teriyaki, and Jalepeno flavors. Jalal certified, made in USA

Craft Beef Stick Teriyaki

Made with real Angus beef, cured and hickory smoked just right – slow and steady.

Maintaining the perfect balance of sweetness and smoke.



Craft Hickory Smoked Beef Sticks | Teriyaki Sweet Flavor

Fully Cooked and Vacuum Sealed Ready to Grab-N-Go

1.35 oz serving | 7g of Protein | 90 Calories Per Stick | No MSG | Gluten Free

Available in 16 count caddies.

Nutrition and Ingredients for Teriyaki Beef Sticks